What Would Lana Winters Do?

I love American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. Foxxay and Lana Banana forever.


Day 17.

It’s Misty Day (or Lily Rabe). I liked the third season particularly much …partly for reasons which need no elaboration, I think. :I

And don’t get me wrong, she was really cute as a slightly deranged lady of the house and diabolical nun as well.

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The Cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show

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Jessica Lange | American Horror Story (2011-14)

Always reblog. 

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Misty’s big day out with piratewolf. Fun times.


Taken Misty to Lone Pine with piratewolf. Haven’t seen any alligators. Yet.


Oh honey, that’s just how old houses are. They settle. They sometimes creak or groan, or quietly weep, or demand blood sacrifice in voices that sounds like the fluttering wings of a thousand moths. It’s just the house settling. For whatever it can get. Go back to sleep.

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All i can say is,read my book.


All i can say is,read my book.

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I think a big part of why I read way more fanfiction than books is that there’s just a hell of a lot less exposition

the first 10 pages of most books are always “these are the main characters and here’s some background on each of them and this is the setting etc etc” and it’s such a fucking hassle getting to the plot sometimes

fanfic is just like “fuck it you know all of this already let’s go”


it all makes sense now.

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girls don’t want boys, girls want season 3 of orange is the new black

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